AI Chat App

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The New Dialogue AI Chat App enables you to extend the AI chat to your internal Intranet or external website without the need for users to authenticate with New Dialogue AI. the New Dialogue AI Chat app within your existing website or Intranet.

Chat App for your internal team

Provide your Intranet users with the New Dialogue AI Chat App from within their existing Intranet. Now your team members can chat in real-time with the content stored within your current Intranet.

New Dialogue External Chat

Chat App for your website audience

The New Dialogue AI Chat App enables your website audience to query your content and problem solve their own queries.

New Dialogue AI Chat embedded in an external website

If you have a remote workforce; field technicians, mobile banking and insurance consultants, emergency services personnel and more, the New Dialogue AI Chat App enables your external team members to utilize the public chat to resolve customer support requests, queries and more.

New Dialogue AI Chat App Benefits

Key benefits of using the New Dialogue AI Chat app within your company Intranet or website include the following.

Enhanced Customer Support

Customers expect near real-time responses from their providers, regardless of the industry you serve. It is typical for your staff to need some time to look into, classify, and then prioritize support requests. Through an analysis of all your operational and support information, an AI chat assistant can swiftly steer your team in the correct path by pointing out potential paths to resolution. When it comes to providing answers to common inquiries, product specifications, general troubleshooting, and more, your support staff will always turn to the New Dialogue AI Chat app.

Content Discovery

It’s a challenge to search through and understand your operational content. When your team searches for information to finish a job, even industry-leading content management systems struggle to deliver results that are contextually relevant. The New Dialogue AI Chat app enables anyone to use complex queries in which the Chat app will return results including links to documents stored within New Dialogue.

Onboarding New Team Members

How are you currently onboarding new starters? Perhaps it's a one-on-one training session? Or maybe the onboarding manual, which is 100+ pages? What if you could implement an onboarding process that is prompt-driven, wherein your recently hired staff members ask the New Dialogue AI Chat app a series of pre-made prompts? New Dialogue can act as a virtual onboarding guide during those initial days and weeks of employment.


How do you currently transfer operational know-how to new starters? Usually it's time intensive and requires the oversight of an existing and experienced team member. Any organization can post essential operational material into New Dialogue, which enables new hires to complete prompt-based quizzes and rapidly gain a thorough understanding of your company. Nothing about training will ever be the same.

Content Analysis

Using the New Dialogue AI Chat app, you can apply a secure and private filter to your content. Communicate with your content and better understand the composition of your business. Recognize changes in your organization's operations, comprehend customer patterns, and contrast practical context with hypothetical "what if" questions. It's similar to getting answers to your inquiries from the founder.

Using the New Dialogue AI Chat app, provide an AI to your internal team, or a powerful tool for your external website audience. Enable users to better comprehend the complexity of your organization and respond to changes as they happen.