About Us

New Dialogue was created to empower organizations of all sizes to unlock the full potential of their knowledge using artificial intelligence.

Developed using Open Source technologies, New Dialogue AI is developed by a group of Aussie technologists with backgrounds in enterprise software covering healthcare, government and retail, who are passionate about enabling people to understand and interpret their content and knowledge in ways that until recently, haven’t been possible.

New Dialogue allows you to better understand and utilize your content in ways like never before

New Dialogue AI brings clarity and insight to your content and knowledge using guided prompting to unlock insights about your operational knowledge. Whether you're a non-profit looking to better serve your stakeholders and mission, or a small business wanting to understand ways to improve your product or service, or a large enterprise seeking ways for your team to improve employee onboarding and knowledge sharing, New Dialogue AI offers a solution to answer all of these and more by giving you unparalleled insight about your operation.

Why New Dialogue?

  • Open Source: Our commitment to open source ensures transparency, collaboration, and adaptability. New Dialogue is not a closed environment. Our SaaS offering allows anyone to upload their content and start prompting straight away. You can also extend New Dialogue to your own Intranet or Website. Our Enterprise offering allows you to deploy New Dialogue to your own cloud tenancy (currently AWS is only supported)
  • Knowledge Unleashed: New Dialogue prompting provides your team with tools to discover deep insights about your knowledge
  • Work Automation: Utilizing the Zapier integration allows you to create automation tasks to share results with your team via messaging platforms, collaboration tools and more
  • Affordable: Anyone can afford to use New Dialogue within their current work flows. Contact us for Enterprise pricing that enables you to deploy the AI to your own cloud tenancy

New Dialogue was developed to enable you to unlock new understandings about your operational know-how, and enable your organization to improve its operational intelligence.

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