We’re all familiar with automation, big and small. Everything from email sorting and filtering, customer support responses, document workflow tasks and more.

What if you could use AI to automate more than just general rules for managing email, support tickets and documents?

New Dialogue AI provides tools to automate your data and content in everyday work scenarios, removing the need for manual labor.

Making use of the Zapier integration developed for use with New Dialogue AI, anyone can design automated tasks that connect AI generated results with current workflows.

Following are some examples of what automation you can start with today.

Sales & Marketing Automation

Every one of us working in sales and marketing want to know one thing; Did our efforts convert into new customers? If so, how and why? If not, what do we need to change? 

New Dialogue AI can help you triage the results from your recent marketing campaign, or analyze comments your customers left during the sales and delivery experience.

Example Prompt 1: Provide a summary of results of our recent marketing campaign focusing on performance metrics, including conversion rates and click-through rates

Example Prompt 2: Analyze customer feedback and reviews regarding our service. Summarize common themes and list areas for improvement

Finance & Accounting Automation

Perhaps one of the more powerful features of New Dialogue AI is its ability to summarize your financial information, and provide insight that can drive actionable outcomes in your operation.

Example Prompt 1: Provide a summary of the income statement and balance sheet for the last quarter. Provide financial analysis and highlight areas of revenue growth or expense reduction

Example Prompt 2: Provide cost-saving measures or reallocation strategies based on financial performance over past twelve months

Human Resources Automation

Managing the most valuable asset in your organization is key to a high performing operation. New Dialogue AI assists HR teams in identifying how their people are doing and where some may need extra support to perform in their role. 

Example Prompt 1: Summarize the performance reviews of our sales team and highlight top performers and areas for improvement

Example Prompt 2: Analyze the recent employee engagement survey results and identify trends in employee satisfaction and areas where the organization excels or needs improvement

Common New Dialogue AI Automation Tasks

Real-time analysis

With New Dialogue AI, you can safely publish substantial amounts of your organization's content and conduct analysis in a manner that was previously impossible. This also equips team leaders to actively identify opportunities and risks earlier.

Improved Accuracy

AI is capable of doing tasks with remarkable accuracy and consistency. Consider New Dialogue AI as your data and content quality buddy.

Cost Minimization

The use of New Dialogue AI eliminates the need for manual labor and the associated overhead costs of wages, benefits, and training. It can eliminate the downtime that comes with having people execute protracted research and reporting duties in order to comprehend and evaluate your data and content.

Powerful Customer Experience

Embedding New Dialogue AI into your website allows your clients to receive real-time answers to questions about your goods and services around-the-clock, year-round, without having to wait for on-call support staff or CX team members to be accessible.


New Dialogue AI can scale to meet your needs with a nominal increase in compute cost, enabling enterprises to scale or sustain changeable demand regardless of the number of users utilizing AI.