Knowledge Management

The integration of AI in Knowledge Management (KM) presents several breakthrough opportunities that can transform the way organizations capture, organize, and leverage their knowledge.

The Challenges

We’ve all experienced the instant magic of using ChatGPT. It seemingly can answer any question you ask, with an instant expert-level response. But it’s incapable of maintaining context if you broaden your query into a conversation. That’s because it lacks accumulated experience. When it comes to your internal, private operational knowledge, there’s currently no mechanism for ChatGPT to understand your business. You can now upload files to ChatGPT, but most enterprises will be hesitant in allowing employees to feed a proprietary and closed AI with potentially sensitive information, as demonstrated with recent action taken by Microsoft.

One of the persistent challenges with ChatGPT is the question of who owns not only the data you feed it, but the prompts you’ve used and the results that are generated. 

Organizations of all shapes and sizes will come to rely on these prompts to generate important results that will become assets within their operational workflows. These will include sales performance updates based on real-time activities, financial forecasts, scenario building, understanding where employees are underperforming and why, and much more. Organizations will not only want to protect the sovereignty of their data, but the prompts used by employees with AI.

How New Dialogue is different

You own the content and prompts you use with New Dialogue AI. We provide the Large Language Model (LLM), and you provide your own data and content. We don’t use your information to tune New Dialogue AI in any way. Each customer who signs up for a SaaS account is provided with their own private and security tenancy within the New Dialogue AI SaaS service. If you are an enterprise, you can also choose to deploy New Dialogue to an isolated tenancy, sharing infrastructure with no-one.

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Elevate your Knowledge Management using New Dialogue AI

People, documentation, process, training, continuous improvement and more. While Knowledge Management practices and processes vary from one business to another, successful Knowledge Management aims to streamline organizational knowledge while ensuring it’s accessible to everyone.

The aim of New Dialogue is to provide any organization with its own private and secure AI that provides a similar result to what you expect from ChatGPT, but with the contextual focus being only your organizational knowledge.

In this video the user is prompting New Dialogue to cite its sources as part of its response.

Knowledge Management applications using New Dialogue AI

Knowledge management (KM) systems powered by AI have the potential to be very helpful instruments for attaining organizational excellence and competitiveness. In addition to expediting knowledge management processes, using AI for knowledge management helps teams make better use of their intellectual capital, foster innovation, and enhance decision-making skills.

The applications for utilizing New Dialogue AI for general knowledge management include the following;

Knowledge Discovery

Your team will be able to adjust their strategies accordingly if New Dialogue AI is able to reveal hidden patterns, trends, and correlations in information repositories.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Natural language processing (NLP) makes it possible for artificial intelligence (AI) systems, such as New Dialogue AI, to understand textual data. This helps with sentiment analysis, semantic search, and the extraction of key themes and insights from your unstructured data.

Knowledge Capture

AI can automatically extract and collect knowledge from a wide range of sources, including emails, papers, chat logs, audio, and video files. This ensures that your data's original source is maintained and that your team may use AI to use your data sources in innovative ways.


Your material may be translated into other languages in real time by New Dialogue AI. This helps any business to expand its consumer base, break down obstacles to new markets, and provide multilingual customer service.

The user is prompting New Dialogue to translate a result into Simplified Chinese.

Content Generation

ChatGPT and other AI technologies work well for content generation. And New Dialogue AI is no different when it comes to assisting your team with content generation. Use prompts to create reports, articles, and other content based on the data and content you upload.

Compliance and Risk Management

New Dialogue AI can be used to monitor and make sure your operation is adhering to legal requirements and best practices by searching knowledge repositories for potential risks or violations.