How it works

New Dialogue AI is developed using the best of what open source LLM technologies have to offer. We designed New Dialogue so that anyone can get started using AI within their organization. You can get started by following a few simple steps.

Once you’ve accessed your free 7 day trial you’ll be able to immediately start conversing with your content.

Publishing your content to New Dialogue AI

Navigate to Files and drag and drop documents that you’d like to use with New Dialogue AI.

Select your collection of documents and drag them to the File window. The documents will be published into New Dialogue and you can start conversing via chat.

Chat with your content

Once your documents are published you can start entering prompts into the New Dialogue chat window.

Start with a simple prompt. New Dialogue will generate a response.

Action Tools

New Dialogue AI provides users with some action tools as queries are generated.

How to work New Dialogue Rengen, Save & Clear

Click Regen to instruct New Dialogue to regenerate your prompt again.

Click Save to save the current query generated to your Saved Items.

Click Clear to start with an empty prompt.

Saved Items

New Dialogue enables you to save your favorite prompt results. Once you’ve saved a collection of results, you can choose to automate these saved results in a variety of ways.

Select from your Saved Items and promote them to an audience. In this example we’ll push to a Slack channel.

External AI Chat app

Once you’ve published the content you want to New Dialogue AI, you can also configure the external New Dialogue Chat app for embedding within your existing website, Intranet or Extranet.


We’ve developed a Zapier integration so you can connect New Dialogue to your favorite third party apps for automating prompt responses to external services and audiences.