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  • Full use of New Dialogue AI
  • 100MB File Storage Limit

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  • 100MB File Storage Limit
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  • Full use of New Dialogue AI
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  • Full use of New Dialogue AI
  • 500MB File Storage Limit
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  • Dedicated AWS instance
  • 1TB+ File Storage
  • SSO Support
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  • Full use of New Dialogue AI
  • 1TB+ File Storage
  • External Chat bot
  • API Access
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Is my content secure?

Yes. The 7 day trial account provides a secure and private environment for you to trial New Dialogue AI with your content. If you begin a paid subscription, you will be upgraded to a separate AWS environment reserved for paying customers. For our enterprise plan, New Dialogue AI will be provisioned within a dedicated AWS environment solely for your use.

Do you use my content to train your model?

No. Our large language model (LLM) is a pre-trained open source LLM and does not utilize the context of your content to improve itself.

What happens when my 7 day trial expires?

Your account and all of your content will be permanently deleted from the New Dialogue AI cloud.

What are the key differences between the different plans?

The free plan gives you full access to New Dialogue for 7 days. The monthly plan provides you with a dedicated environment for using New Dialogue within your organization, and is supported within our multi-tenancy environment. For the enterprise plan we work with you to deploy New Dialogue into a dedicated AWS tenancy that connects with your preferred authentication. 

What payment methods does New Dialogue accept?

We support payment using VISA, MasterCard and American Express cards.

All pricing is in US Dollars.