Private AI

New Dialogue was developed to allow you to privately deploy a fine tuned Large Language Model (LLM) within your own cloud tenancy (currently AWS is only supported), for use with your own data and content in a secure environment. Our AI SaaS offering enables individuals to utilize our public cloud.

A large language model (LLM) more commonly referred to as a type of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm, makes use of very big data sets and deep learning techniques to comprehend, synthesize, produce, and forecast new material.

New Dialogue does not learn from your data and content. We're using RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation), whereby the large language model consults a reliable knowledge base (your private content), apart from its training data sources prior to producing a response. This method is computationally lightweight, stable, and effective.

Additionally, New Dialogue AI is developed using open source. The significant expense usually connected with running proprietary AI solutions are eliminated with open source AI. Because of its cost, AI can now be used by startups, organizations, and educational institutions to meet their specific requirements, removing the barrier to entry for many.

Open source AI empowers communities to consider ethical issues first, and make them a priority while developing LLMs. Open source promotes dialogue and decision-making on principles like accountability, fairness and transparency.

Why do LLM’s matter to your organization?

The arrival of ChatGPT put the spotlight on how LLMs can radically change our perception and use of knowledge. Now you have a subject matter expert, in practically any field.

New Dialogue AI provides you with a subject matter expert in your organization. What are the main differences between these contracts? What documents make reference to policies that are more than five years old? What are the top three candidates from all the resumes uploaded?

LLMs provide you with a time machine. Any one of the above aforementioned queries would take a human many hours, or perhaps days, to reconcile an answer. AI’s like New Dialogue can provide a response in seconds.

AI’s will continue to dominate their role within all corporate environments. This is demonstrated by using both Machine Learning (ML) tools and LLMs. Consistency and simplicity will remain primary objectives for creating and implementing ML models that will provide insight into complexity within an operation, and assist teams to problem solve at the next level.

What benefits do LLMs offer?

LLMs like New Dialogue AI provide a multitude of benefits for teams and organizations.

Flexibility and versatility - Personalized use cases may be built upon LLMs. Adding further training to an LLM can help develop a customized model that meets the unique requirements of your organization, no matter what industry you’re in.

Adaptability - A single LLM may be used for a wide range of deployments and functions for people, organizations, and apps. The New Dialogue AI mobile apps were designed to enable a team, no matter where they might be working, to leverage an AI as part of their work day.

Activity - Most contemporary LLMs are high-performing and capable of producing quick, low-latency replies for your whole organization.

Precision - The transformer model may produce ever-higher levels of accuracy in an LLM as the volume of training content and data as well as the number of parameters increase.